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Integrity - Quality - Passion - Boldness - Simplicity - Delivers Results

Prestige Corporate Development was founded by leadership who focus on integrity, our commitment to quality and assisting our businesses to consistently deliver results. Our team of companies maintain end-to-end control, execution of entitlement and land acquisition opportunities, full site work development, and delivery of quality developments. Prestige has developed a family, a corporate structure and an execution team that has proven to be very competitive at delivering a superior product and service. With local presence in our markets, we have both the relationships and understanding to facilitate best use of land sites through planning, entitlements and execution.




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PCD is actively developing within the Charlotte Metro Area, while continuing to look for new locations. Prestige has residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use (villages) developments throughout the region. Due to our local presence, forward thinking team, and relationships with stakeholders we carefully consider the best use of each site, navigate and expediate the entitlement process and deliver quality developments to communities leaving a positive and lasting impact.

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Prestige Site Works (PSW) is a turn-key site-work company in the Charlotte metro area. PSW is fully licensed and insured (unlimited) in North and South Carolina. Prestige Site Works takes pride in delivering quality developments in a timely manner. PSW separates itself with the quality of the final 10% for each development for its end-user(s). In addition to our history of delivering quality developments, we work efficiently and effectively with local governments and recently received the 2021 Lincoln County erosion and Sediment Control Environmental Excellence Award.

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